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lou ferrigno:Secrets training biceps Arm Workout

There’s a general idea concerning striated muscle coaching that additional is best. For quite thirty years, I’ve been doing 3 or four exercises, 2 to four sets to each one and with a strict rep vary of eight to ten.

lou ferrigno training  biceps

 That’s typically a complete of concerning fourteen sets, offer or take, that takes American state but a unit of time to perform. I pyramid up in weight for every exercise, though I don’t essentially lower my reps to accommodate the rise. in spite of however laborious it's going to be to raise your poundage from set to line, it's vital that you simply do therefore. 

 Lou Ferrigno Training for Mr.Olympia 1975


 I firmly believe that you simply get the foremost growth activation ANd strength improvement out of the last set or 2 of an exercise, once your muscles area unit pushed to their limits. Example Let’s say I’m doing weight curls, that is sometimes my 1st striated muscle exercise.

lou ferrigno 

 I’ll begin with a light-weight weight and do ten fast reps (still victimisation sensible form) simply to urge the striated muscle warm up. My next set can once more be ten reps, with a weight that gets tough to carry on the seventh or eighth rep. For my third set, I’ll add another twenty pounds 

and aspire eight reps. Lou Ferrigno "The Hulk" Profile and Gym Workout 


Then, for my final set, I’ll add another twenty pounds and select eight once more. I struggle to urge eight on the third set, therefore once the fourth set comes around, it’s a true take a look at of can, when having exaggerated the load, to do to equal constant range of reps. once I progress to incline dumbbell curls, I persist with eight reps for all four sets, however I keep increasing the load for every set, from 50s to 60s to 70s to 80s.

lou ferrigno training 

lou ferrigno training  

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