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Franco Columbu Mr. Olympia 1976 -1981

Franco Columbu training
Franco Columbu (born August 17, 1941) is an Italian actor, former bodybuilder and World's Strongest Man competitor.

 Dr. Franco Columbu has won all the major bodybuilding and powerlifting titles in the world, including Mr. Olympia twice. He is also a Doctor of chiropractic and an expert in Sports Medicine and Kinesiology. Franco has starred in and produced numerous feature films.


Nickname: The Sardinian Strongman

Born: August 7, 1941

Birthplace: Ollolay, ITALY

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 185 lbs

Titles Won

1968 - NABBA Mr. Universe (Most Muscular)

1969 - IFBB Mr. Europe (Medium)

1969 - IFBB Mr. Universe (Short)

1969 - NABBA Mr. Universe (Short)

1969 - NABBA Mr. Universe (Most Muscular)

1970 - IFBB Mr. Europe

1970 - AAU Mr. World (Pro Short)

1970 - IFBB Mr. Universe

1971 - IFBB Mr. World

1974 - IFBB Mr. Olympia (Short)

1975 - IFBB Mr. Olympia (Short)

1976 - IFBB Mr. Olympia

1981 - IFBB Mr. Olympia

Franco show bodybuilding back 

Franco Columbu training biceps

Franco Columbu training

bodybuilding training shoulder

Franco Columbu show

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